Flight Carpet Tile Collection

Manufactured by Shaw Contract Group

Offering a new solution for open environments, HOK Product Design and Shaw Contract Group’s new 24”x24” carpet tile collection, Flight, creates movement and defines space in environments free of structural constraint.

Drawing inspiration from the pavers of ancient plazas and the mathematics behind people moving from one location to another, the designs fold movement into static statements and provide new options for building scale and dimension. Flight assists with way-finding and defines movement – places to walk, places to pause, places to gather.

Designed for public ambiance and engineered for heavy foot traffic, Flight provides a comprehensive flooring solution, featuring four tile products that are varied yet connected. Available in 13 colors, the palette features warm and cool tones as well as bold color options, which create varying degrees of movement and energy depending on how the styles are used within a space.

Products include:

Pause Tile: a static style, defining quieter moments within space

Step Tile: an ombre that exudes movement and can be stretched, injecting directional energy

Interact Tile: a stripe, akin to a quickened stride – building scale, it directs the eye and assists in wayfinding

Vantage Tile: a bold, geometric shape adds a large glimpse of interest to the floor


All styles are 22 ounces and are constructed of EcoSolution Q fiber and EcoWorx backing, offering a lifetime commercial warranty covering abrasive wear, tuft bind, edge ravel and delamination. Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, completely recyclable and manufactured with recycled content, all products offer a sustainable flooring solution and contribute to achieving LEED certification.

The HOK Product Design team included Pam Light, Diana Chang, and Matthew Fulvio.