PURETi is an advanced material technology that uses light to clean buildings and air. PURETi treatments are clear, water-based architectural finishes that reverse pollution (reducing VOCs, greenhouse gases and particulates) and cut maintenance costs in half.

These patented photocatalytic solutions prevent the build up of surface level grime and eliminate air borne odors, dust and indoor air irritants by using light – not water or chemicals.

One professionally applied, cost effective spray application of PURETi works for 5+ years to preserve appearance; save time, water and energy with less cleaning; promote health and well-being with superior indoor air quality and transform buildings, hardscape and infrastructure into NOx reducing smog busters.

Photocatalysis (aka UV-PCO or photocatalytic TiO2) is a proven, 45+ year old technology, most simply understood as the opposite of photosynthesis – the safe, light accelerated, natural breakdown of organic matter at the molecular level. PURETi is the world’s safest, simplest, most durable, cost effective and credentialed version of this remarkable technology with broad planet healing potential.


  • Facility Enhancement Outdoors – Air purifying effects, self-cleaning windows, roofs, facades, signs - even solar panels.
  • Maintenance Reduction Outdoors – Cuts cleaning time and cost in half or more. Saves water usage.
  • Air Purification Indoors – Eliminates all organic odors (pet, smoke, organic) and reduces VOCs and particulates.
  • Sustainable Durability – Warranted 5 years Outdoors, 3 years Indoors. Actual Lifespan Will Be Greater.
  • LEED – Credits can be achieved for Innovation. IAQ and Solar Reflection may yield future credits.