Pixel and Nest Porcelain Ceramic Tile

Manufactured by Lea Ceramiche

Allowing designers to mimic the innumerable shades and patterns in nature was the inspiration behind Pixel and Nest…patterns, variety, pixilation, dappled light.

The design team strove to create a porcelain ceramic tile collection with visual depth for both commercial and residential environments using Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech line incorporating Microban antimicrobial technology.  Pixel and Nest were envisioned as “cousin” lines, having similar roots but characterized by different identities. Both were born from an investigation of landscapes and nature.  A minimum degree of specification is envisioned for the application of Pixel and Nest with a high degree of variety as an end result. Designers can achieve a range of colors without specifically deciding what goes where – the randomness also mimicking nature. Alternately, a high degree of specification allows Pixel and Nest to be “art installations” for large scale public environments.

Pixel is a field of color, a blend of shades, born of Italy’s landscapes and nature – coastal, highlands and pastoral.  Each color family bears 3 different shades – light, medium and dark – each saturated and vibrant. Nest offers an infinite variation in pattern, left to the designer’s imagination.  It can be used with triangle cut-outs or as an interlocking “pac-man” application.  New color ways are also introduced through Nest which can be mixed with neutrals for maximum flexibility.

Applicable markets would include aviation, healthcare, corporate, commercial, education, science + technology, hospitality and residential. Pixel and Nest can be applied both vertically and horizontally, in high and low traffic areas and on the interiors or exterior.  The collection can be used in lobbies, concourses, halls, plazas, facades and in kitchen, bath and other residential applications.

Slimtech comes in extremely thin 3 mm applications for wall treatments. 3.5 mm reinforced with fiberglass for walls and floors. 5.5 mm and 7 mm for high traffic floor applications.

Sizes for Pixel:
40” x 118”|20” x 40”|5” x 20”| in cm: 100 x 300 cm|50 x 100 cm|12.5 x 50 cm

Sizes for Nest:
40”|20”|5”| in cm: 100 cm|50 cm|12.5 cm

HOK’s design team included Valerie Greer (HOK Alum), Kristyna Borden and Jessica Ticas.