Luminous HE LED and Fluorescent

Manufactured by Cooper Lighting / Neo-Ray

General lighting systems provide the visual foundation for many interior spaces. Designers strive to use light fixtures that reflect a project’s design aspirations while providing high efficiency at a reasonable cost. Luminous addresses these challenges through an HOK Product Design collaboration with Cooper Lighting / Neo-Ray.

The new Luminous HE LED recessed ambient luminaire features regressed side and center diffusers for a bold architectural detail. Available in 2’x2’, 2’x4’ and 1’x4’ housing sizes, as well as hard metric options, the Luminous HE LED luminaire integrates into almost any ceiling space. The unique center panel design allows for various shielding options, with simple access to the LED modules and drivers for easy maintenance. At 3-3/4” (95mm), the Luminous housing installs in most shallow plenums, and a subtle air return option and surface mount kit are also available. High efficacy and an all acrylic, rectilinear design make Luminous HE LED an excellent choice for all commercial and institutional architectural applications.

Luminous HE Fluorescent is a multipurpose, recessed general illumination system that comes in 2x2, 2x4 and hard metric sizes. The system’s flexibility enables designers to fine-tune the light fixture for environments, including:

  • Offices or classrooms: The high transmission diffuser extends light fixture spacing and maximizes efficiency.
  • Conference rooms or nurse stations: The distinctive rectangular perf pattern diffuser combines with multi-level switching or dimming.
  • Corridors or touchdown spaces: The textured blue diffuser provides orientation, wayfinding and visual interest

Luminous HE Fluorescent is more than 94 percent efficient with the high transmission lens illuminating vertical and horizontal planes. Its performance allows designers to achieve the best possible LEED/ASHRAE lighting power density benchmark results. The system’s standard housing is less than four inches deep, permitting installation in tight spaces.

Designed by Tom Kaczkowski of HOK Lighting based in St. Louis.