High Profile Series™ Ceiling System

Manufactured by Hunter Douglas

The High Profile Series Ceiling System presents a significant advancement in accessible ceiling design.

Given the increased complexities of today’s high-performance buildings, flexibility and easy access to building systems are more important than ever.

Yet as materials have evolved to accommodate more energy efficient, cost effective buildings, the ceiling market has been slow to innovate. The conventional baffled ceiling has remained essentially unaltered for three decades and has become increasingly outdated in the midst of changing tastes and design trends.

The High Profile Series Ceiling System bridges this gap and gives designers a new option unlike any on the market.

Its advantages include:

  • Extruded aluminum profiles that offer exacting fit and finish
  • Customizable shapes and materials
  • Patented locking mechanism for convenient access
  • Seamless baffles capable of 20-foot lengths
  • Integrated lighting options
  • Strength to support signage
  • Simplified coordination between building systems
  • Chilled beam technology capabilities
  • Robust Unistrut support system
  • High recycled content
  • In-ceiling smoke containment
  • Outdoor use opportunities

Well-suited for a variety of sectors including transportation, science/technology and retail, the High Profile Ceiling System provides access to all necessary infrastructure. Power/data lines, plumbing risers, air diffusers and light fixtures can be modified or serviced in a shorter timeframe with lower costs.

Even more design freedom is offered with the Edge Line Profile series, a receiving baffle that allows for the integration of third-party materials such as 3form sheet goods and acoustical materials.

Designed by Chris Anderson, Senior Architectural Designer in HOK Los Angeles who was also responsible for the Shadow Line Coping Detail Design.

2013 Gold Award Winner – Product Design
International Design Awards