Full Circle®

Manufactured by Winona Lighting, a Division of Acuity Lighting

Full Circle® is a recessed luminaire concept that has never before been explored. This innovative lighting installation is just what its name suggests – a full circle of light. Lines of glowing light exist everywhere in straight form, but this product offers the possibility of bending the line into a curve.

Full Circle comes in four standard sizes:eight, 12, 16 and 24 feet in diameter. Various lengths of T5 fluorescent lamps are integrated to accommodate the curve. The LED luminaire is also available. The luminaire can be mounted in both lay-in ceilings and hard ceilings. For the cleanest appearance possible, select the hard ceiling mud-in installation so the ceiling will appear to disappear into the lens without any trim. The lens is butt-jointed opal acrylic and can be provided in either a flush or regressed condition.

Because Full Circle is actually constructed from multiple segments along the circumference, it is possible to create shapes other than a circle, such as a half circle or 90 degree curved turn. By using Radius sections, designers can create many organic shapes. For more flexibility, Straight sections can be connected to the Radius sections.

Envisioned and designed by David Ziolkowski (HOK alum), Full Circle allows light to curve and flow through a space with previously unattainable flexibility.

2014 Hip Awards at NeoCon – Tech Friendly Honoree
2013 Snap Magazine - Snappy Award
2012 Architectural Record – Record Product Distinction